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Thanksgiving Day Calorie Blasting Speed and Strength Workout

I love Thanksgiving, next to Christmas it’s one of my favorite holidays — with all of our family together and the delicious foods, what’s not to love? At our house though, it’s more like we eat our Thanksgiving feast late afternoon, go back for seconds (maybe thirds if we’re feeling extra gluttonous) and then have another meal of leftovers that evening.

With all of that eating, I like to (read: try to) get in as many workouts before Turkey Day as possible, that way when I indulge, it’s not too crazy of a hit to my waistline. Some people are great at portion control, even on a day when all the tempting savory dishes are laid out before you and don’t get me started on the pies. Me? Not so much. But, I do enjoy a good sweat session, so I figure it’s all about balance, amirite? Plus, life is too short to not fix a plate piled high with turkey, ham, stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and more!

Before you chow down though, start your day with this speed workout. No equipment is needed, and you can utilize your local high school’s track or 400-meter-long strip of field. You’ll be sprinting, lunging, squatting and bear crawling your way to a sweatier, happier you!


You’ll need a track or long strip of open field

  •  Sprint 100 meters
  •  Lunge 100 meters


Repeat this sequence 2x.

  • Sprint 100 meters
  • Jump squat 100 meters

img_6667 img_6668 img_6669

Repeat this sequence 2x.

  • Sprint 100 meters
  • Bear crawl 100 meters


Repeat this sequence 2x.

  • Sprint last 400 meters


By the end of the final sequence, you will have completed one mile — repeat entire workout 2-3 more times!

– Ravelle

By Ravelle, November 27, 2015
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