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Head Over to Playtime Oasis For Fun-Filled Events and Open Play

A recent play date took us to Playtime Oasis, and as the name suggests it’s literally a toy-filled wonderland for kids. I was impressed with the variety of gadgets, books, blocks, trucks, bouncy toys, train sets, and more that were available for play. There are even a couple of comfy couches for mommas to sit (or breastfeed, pump, bottle feed — what have you) and chat with friends, while keeping an eye on the kiddos.

All aboard!

All aboard!

Logan, of course, loved it and immediately found the table with the trains. But open play aside, Playtime Oasis offers an engaging series called Activity Time, ran by Sara from Storybook Entertainment (who is amazing!). Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning kids and parents can come in for an hour of singing, dancing, instruments, bubbles, and puppet fun!

Bring on the bubbles!

Bring on the bubbles!

We attended Activity Time recently and had a blast. Kids had open play for the first 25 minutes or so, and then Sara kicked things off with an interactive song that involved acting out different animals like monkeys and alligators. I loved how she seamlessly flowed from each activity or song and appreciated that she made it a point to also interact with the kids who may have wandered a bit away from the group. As she shared, even though it may seem like they’re engrossed with the toys, they’re still listening and soaking in all that’s happening.  And as we parents know, it’s very easy for little ones to get distracted and crawl, walk or run elsewhere, so it’s nice that there isn’t the feeling that they absolutely have to stay put.

Making some sweet beats.

Making some sweet beats.

In addition to open play and Activity Time, there are a slew of events ranging from things like a Princess Camp Party, a Cat in the Hat show, and even seasonal experiences such as Easter Bonnet decorating.

Logan is obsessed with the parachute.

Logan is obsessed with the parachute.

Things to note:

* You’ll need socks. Parents and kids alike will have to wear socks before entering the play space.

* Toys & Playtime Oasis is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 7pm, Saturday from 9am to 6pm, and Sunday from 10am to 5pm.

* It’s cheap! If you’re interested in dropping in for open play, $9 per child is the cost for an unlimited stay. Activity Time costs $6 per child for the 60 minute session. The price for the different events varies, but you can find the list of upcoming fun here.

"Beep Beep,  Dad!"

“Beep Beep, Dad!”

* It’s also a toy store. You’ll find everything from puzzles to trucks and model horses to dollhouse miniatures. This mom-and-pop shop has been a part of the community for over 30 years, and while some of the items can be pricey, it’s how they keep the play space and store running.

Toys & Playtime Oasis is located at 13802 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

– Ravelle

By Ravelle, March 4, 2016
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