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Now About Those Worthingtons…

When we got married, the priest who performed the ceremony (a family friend who we had met while attending Fordham University) mentioned during one of the meetings leading up to our wedding that after he pronounced us husband and wife, we would be introduced to our family and friends as “Myles and Ravelle Worthington” — rather than the traditional “Mr. and Mrs. Myles Worthington.” According to Fr. Thom, “Ravelle didn’t just disappear because you two are now married.”

This sentiment is very fitting when talking about parenting, as it’s very much a partnership. It definitely requires both of us to be present, every single day. You lean on one another, share in the job of raising and nurturing these little people that you created, all while trying to tend to your relationship with each other, not to mention yourselves.

Fordham University 2006

Fordham University 2006

We first met in 2010. When we tell the story, I (Ravelle) always recall first meeting Myles a few weeks into fall semester on the van ride to rowing practice. He says he noticed me much earlier, though: “I remember seeing you walking in the cafeteria before we even met, and thinking you were really hot, but I was way too nervous to say anything to you, especially because it was my first couple of weeks in college.” (Can you tell we were just two kids — him a freshman, me a sophomore.) Some weeks later, we began hanging out every afternoon and that friendship, grew into love (although I knew in the beginning that I was going to marry him), and here we are two kids later!

Our son Logan is 21 months and our daughter Rhyan is seven months. It’s funny how life can take you full circle. We met in NYC, moved right after graduation to Los Angeles for work (only spent a year, because we missed our friends, my family, and the city too much), came back to NYC where we lived for three years (loved every minute!), moved shortly after we became pregnant to Stamford, CT (more space, cheaper rent), then decided to make a cross-country move to Phoenix, AZ, where Myles grew up (for the even cheaper cost of living, higher quality of life), and now one year later, we find ourselves back in LA. We packed up our house two days after a wonderful NYC visit to see my parents and our friends, then set out on the highway going even further west. As we approached the bend in the road, heading towards the freeway to Los Angeles, our wedding song, “Cruisin’” by Smokey Robinson came on the radio. Talk about a sign!

Let the music take your mind, Ooh just release and you will find
You’re gonna fly away, glad you’re goin’ my way. I love it when we’re cruisin’ together…

There are highs and lows in marriage, it takes work. Add kids to the mix and it’s even more work. What we’re reminded of every day is that this is not easy — quite the opposite. There are days where you want to scream and cry (and sometimes do!), but then there are days filled with belly laughs, baby kisses, and snuggles that cause your heart to grow three sizes with love. We don’t claim to be experts or to have it all figured out, but here’s to hoping that our experiences will help guide you and yours in this journey of life!





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